from Hearings (the effects of light)

by Beverly Dahlen

the effects of light
that slow hand of vapor
across the blue sky of one's own
viscera or the soundless wave of
shadow cascading down
the street our fragile
   only pause to name perspective
   as that rendition at the surface


that this is not correct either I sent a message
to Mr. McFarlane and the intelligence relation-
ship with Israel on June 7 1985 it had been an
Israeli initiative vice-admiral Poindexter and Is-
rael would have an interest in my impression at
the the time you are recorded as having said
because we were trying to persuade everybody
not to sell arms to Iran and sometimes literally
at war with them whereas our view is that we
are better off and that's the end of your quota-
tion and yet their interests might be slightly dif-
ferent from ours that I think that had something
to do with the background but it bears upon some
of the other facts of the political situation that
update referred primarily to what you had ad-
dressed yourself in the draft finding with the
State department

source: the Iran/Contra hearings of summer, 1987

Published in Sequoia: Stanford Literary Magazine, Winter, 1990

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