After Chris Komater

Sweetheart, 1999,
by Chris Komater

by Robin Tremblay-McGaw


      light     the      dark


      come           flower

     blurry          bloom

      bodies          lip

Chris Komater

I am a big fan of the work of San Francisco-based photographer Chris Komater. While Chris has recently been working in color photography and his images include plants and trees, a large bulk of his work is comprised of installations and photography investigating male desire and masculinity within the context of the gay community. The camera in its probing is playful, sexual, aggressive, and loving. To see some of Chris's work, click HERE. To read a review of his work I wrote some time ago, click HERE.

Check out Chris's "Thundercrack!" About it, Chris writes:

Thundercrack! is the first of many studies of my super (hairy) model Big Chrissy's nether regions. These images are meant to evoke bolts of lightning streaking across the evening sky.

They do. They streak.