Robin Tremblay-McGaw and Auto Fairy on Joan Retallack and Alterity

The recent edition of Litmus Press's Aufgabe features poetry in translation from Quebec and is guest edited by Oana Avasilichioaei. It also includes a section of Essays, Notes, and Reviews, edited by E. Tracy Grinnell, erica kaufman, and contributing editor Jamie Townsend. This section includes work by:
Cover art by Mie Olise

     Pierre Joris
     Robin Tremblay-McGaw
     Judith Goldman
     Gregoire Pam Dick
     pablo lopez
     Dorothy Albertini
     J. C. Vischer on Gail Scott
     Catherine Mavrikakis and NathanaĆ«l

You can read my contribution "Questions, Read-Thrus, and Alterity in the work of Joan Retallack: An Interview with Robin Tremblay-McGaw and Auto Fairy" here: