Pallaksch, Pallaksch

Steven Seidenberg and Elizabeth Robinson Launch a New Journal: Pallaksch, Pallaksch

A couple of weeks ago at Canessa Park in San Francisco, there was  a reading in celebration of the publication of the inaugural issue, and I was unable to make it: sick at home with the end of the quarter flu.  Too bad, because the readers included: Beverly Dahlen, Kevin Killian, Colleen Lookingbill, Seidenberg himself, and Lew Ellingham. 

Steven Seidenberg reading
Kevin Killian, Beverly Dahlen and Elizabeth Robinson in the front row

The journal presents a generous selection of work for each of the writers published;it is a treat to get such a large helping of writing. 
Th inaugural issue contains work by:

Bridget Carson
Lew Ellingham
Colleen Lookingbill
David Mutschlecner
Beverly Dahlen
Kevin Killian
Kimberly Lyons
Steven Seidenberg
Martin Corless Smith

You should check it out for yourself!  Check out the magazine's web site here.

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