Lisa Robertson and Avra Spector on Henri Meschonnic

In May 2010 UPenn and Columbia hosted a joint conference entitled Rethinking Poetics. There has been a great deal of discussion about this conference in the blogosphere and on Facebook that I am not going to try to reproduce here. You can find links to the discussion from Ron Silliman's blog and at Joan Retallack's page here.

Lisa Robertson's presentation of a translation she and Avra Spector produced of Henri Meschonnic's "A Rhythm Party Manifesto" was discussed with much excitement in various places online. At the conference Lisa spoke about Meschonnic's essay and work from notes in her notebook and thus, there isn't a formal talk that can be reproduced here. However, Lisa and Avra have kindly given me permission to post their translation and their "A Meschonnic Glossary."  These two pieces plus an introductory essay will appear as a chapbook from Les Figues.

Many thanks Lisa & Avra.

"A Rhythm Party Manifesto" by Henri Meschonnic
translated by Avra Spector and Lisa Robertson

"A Meschonnic Glossary"
Avra Spector and Lisa Robertson

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