Next Lit Generation Lit Crawl

Laura Moriarty, accompanied by fan and an array of bracelets in various hues of blue, hosted the evening's events.

The House was Full and Hot and the Audience Vibrated with Energy at the Marsh Theater last night when Kaila Wilkey, a student at Berkeley Technology Academy,

Ashley Redfield, a student at Oakland School of the Arts,

and Alex Tremblay-McGaw, an 8th grader at James Lick Middle School in the Spanish Immersion Program,

all read their poems.

The young people were followed up by not-quite-so-young writers:

Kiala Givehand who lives in Oakland and is working on her MFA at Mills College;

Kaya Oakes, author of Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture, and a poetry collection, Telegraph;

Cedar Sigo, whose book Selected Writings we took home, (having received it in exchange for a poem written on the spot). Sigo also has a book called Expensive Magic. Alex liked his work a lot.

Barbara Jane Reyes, author of Poeta en San Francisco, a book that is large and expansive in its reach and poetics. Her third book, Diwata, is due out next year.

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