"your nerve center taxonomy"

Excerpt of “your nerve center taxonomy,” from Occultations
David Wolach


we: repeat the jumping things. urge for avalanche. won't you let us fall away in / your gathering question mark. who will summon you to death question mark. if you are music, then kettle drum this slow burn so we can drown in a pile of dusty words.

[ while a bladder gives
out in
front of a tank & some
body laughs ]


we after life a flip 'n' fray, ink slash ash, a book. an old fashioned e book. a street. an after. image. just as we are the street

(in so far as we construct it) so are we the buildings. to walk to walk for days, we said. is to picket our own. bodies. le petit mort suffers

coup at the hands of the hands of. peu de mort. jaw to hand you asked which first hand to jaw whose pain is whose, someone

said, it's. hose the paper mache locked out shouts. print some $ for road renewal. physiology's bff is kNOW for know.

[ some
pixel reverb
says what […]
do […] now ?!? pre-
tend to the deprive –
ate wants
but in what
[…] language?!? what want?!?
so […] strained […] tonite ]


we're mistaken backspace hand slash led: parasite for a still so called life. sometimes we're a. still so called born. it's about time. no, it's about many things. or. it's like this: we have more lives than you can upload a virus question mark.

[ detritus needs an i note to self
slash this thick dash ness as it un-nerves puts
feelers outsourced and everything is

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