Emily Abendroth--Tell Me What is Possible?

****Excerpt from “A Closing Note in Favor of the Improbable”
Emily Abendroth

TESSA: Tell me what is possible.

To which a subsequent hour’s now altered version of oneself surmises:

At this moment, I'm putting every wager on the prospect of constant reinvention while, at the same time, making no claims as to our capacity for scale. I want to acknowledge the craving that such a thing can happen and does happen, even if not always or only very rarely as we imagine it for ourselves. Further, I want to insist that it can happen without the demand for secession from everything and everyone with whom one has lived and invented oneself previously, but rather among them --- even perhaps by, with and under the careful shepherding, husbandry and compañera-ship of their encouragements. That may be going too far, I think, into the arena of wishes, into the impossible. One wish then is that "going too far" is what is possible.

Another wish is the fossil record itself - to cease hording it. Or at least to cease believing that we are its only seasoned or valid specimens.

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