Abendroth, Luong and Tremblay-McGaw Reading March 5th

On Tuesday March 5th, 2013, Karen Hannah of Zumbar Press and Nick Sarno of Press Works on Paper hosted an evening of poetry celebrating the publication of  Emily Abendroth's EXCLOSURES, a broadbook (broadside + chapbook): "This 6-page, hand-sewn book is printed in duotone and it dialogues with both worn and damaged type, along with new, never-before-used type, textually exploring a number of different themes through these fonts" (Zumbar). Brian Teare's Albion Books, released EXCLOSURES 1-8 in 2012.  I am a big fan of Emily's work and noted EXCLOSURES 1-8 as one of my 2012 bests on Michael Cross's 2012 Disinhibitions. Abendroth's diction is always juicy and her syntax elastic, tensile. Additionally, she is a fabulous reader of her work.

Francois Luong and I had the opportunity to read with Emily for a lovely and attentive crowd in the very fabulous Press Works on Paper bookstore in the Mission at 3108 24th Street. This bookstore specializes in art, fashion, and poetry classics. Plus they carry pencils to lust after.

Serendipitously, each of us read work that rhymed in terms of concerns, inspiration, and diction. I read some new small poems written to the accompaniment of bird calls from the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds and some of the sections from an ongoing work in progress tentatively called "after oppen and howe," that is in tensile conversation with Of Being Numerous and Howe's work generally, particularly its interest in history.

Francois also read work engaged with Oppen. Of the selections from After Architecture, he says "the entire project was very much written under the influence of Oppen (especially Of Being Numerous and its poem "A Theological Definition"), Celan (mostly Fadensonnen, I think), Royet-Journoud and Esther Tellermann (whom I was translating at the time)."

Emily read from EXCLOSURES and from a prose piece that responded to questions posed by a friend, Tessa. Fabulous!

R  E  A  D   S  O  M  E   O  F   T  H  E   W  O  R  K    H  E  R  E:

photo by Amy Trachtenberg

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