Two by Alli Warren

I make a list of demands
the right not to be
always a sight, distant
splendor of night
hard metal
dirty mink
scratching song
in the soft parts
before release
How’d that tussin treat you?

All hitherto existing society
Excuse me you’re being paged

on the way to the bar
I pass three other bars
what is known mediately
in trampled domains
with the wetness of a girl
on the phone fingering
a taut cord, a coveted bloom
of indecision
dots the horizon
thru this peep hole
I toe the light
I jab my finger in it
nay, I ginger gently
At the very moment
of emergence, obsolescence
as seen on drunk with dreams
over and above
my undying love?
Tar sands, high winds, and friendship
Sopping up the excess
with a cocktail napkin
as seen in fidelity
to our newest member
aeroelastic dream fluff

Alli Warren was born where the Santa Ana winds blow, and has lived in the Bay Area since 2005, or 2001 if Santa Cruz counts. Recent work can be read in a chapbook called GRINDIN (Lew Gallery), and heard via KQED (http://www.kqed.org/arts/programs/writersblock/episode.jsp?essid=107775). In the fall of 2013, City Lights will publish her first book, Here Come the Warm Jets. Alli co-edits the Poetic Labor Project (http://labday2010.blogspot.com/) and continues to contribute tidbits to that out of fashion form known as the weblog. (http://theingredient.blogspot.com/).

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