Leslie Scalapino 1944-2010

Leslie Scalapino died May 28th 2010 in Berkeley, California.  When I first heard this news, I didn't believe it. Call it denial. Call it, I don't know what. The news finally became concrete when it was confirmed by my friend and fellow blogger Kathy Lou Schultz as our two families ate sushi last night.  The news has left me speechless.

This morning at yoga I realized I hadn't asked Leslie some of the questions I'd wanted to and should have asked her about poetry goings-on from the 80s on and her participation in them. That opportunity is lost.

We do have her work and this morning I flipped through That They Were at the Beach and the book opened, strangely, here:

The thought that
I'd then be dead
---This wouldn't
be a good
time for it to occur
---having had the feeling of being depressed then.

---Though now
has passed since that.

photo: Charles Bernstein, 2006

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