Amiri Baraka

In Memory of Amiri Baraka

an excerpt from  "How You Sound??"

"HOW YOU SOUND??" is what we recent fellows are up to. How we sound: our peculiar grasp on, say: a. Melican speech, b. Poetries of the world, c. Our selves (which is attitudes, logics, theories, jumbles of our lives, & all that), d. And the final...The Totality Of Mind: Spiritual...God?? (or you name it): Social (zeitgeist): or Heideggerian umwelt.

MY POETRY is whatever I think I am. (Can I be light and weight-less as a sail?? Heavy & clunking like 8 black boots.) I CAN BE ANYTHING I CAN. I make a poetry with what I feel is useful & can be saved out of all the garbage of our lives.        (1959)

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