from Kora in Hell

Taking pleasure in location, notation, I want to point out that Jupiter and Venus are visible in the Western March sky.

 Entirely unrelated, but for the appearance of Jupiter and Venus (along with Mars), here's a strange and fascinating excerpt from William Carlos Williams' Kora in Hell: Improvisations (1920).

V. 1

Beautiful white corpse of night actually! So the north-west
winds of death are mountain sweet after all! All the troubled
stars are put to bed now:  three bullets from wife's hand     none
kindlier: in the crown, in the nape and one lower: three starlike
holes among a million pocky pores and the moon of your
mouth: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and all the stars melted forthwith
into this one good white light over the inquest table, --the
traditional moth beating its wings against it -- except there are
two here.  But sweetest are the caresses of the county physician, a
little clumsy perhaps -- mais --! and the Prosecuting Attorney,
Peter Valuzzi and the others, waving green arms of maples to
the tinkling of the earliest ragpicker's bells. Otherwise -- : kindly
stupid hands, kindly coarse voices, infinitely soothing, infinitely
detached, infinitely beside the question, restfully babbling of
how, where, why        and       night is done and the green edge of
yesterday has said all it could        (Imaginations 38).

WCW's Kora in Hell is online here on the Internet Archive.

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