from Spicer's Love Poems

I know summer isn't over and that the Giants have had some success in recent years though I'm unsure about what is happening in baseball right now....I reveal my lack of baseball enthusiasm, I know. However, I do know that I quite enjoy Spicer. A little film made by Cole Heinowitz and shared on Facebook has sent me here and I'm sending you here too!

Love Poems

Do the flowers change as I touch your skin?
They are merely buttercups. No sign of death in them. They die
    and you know by their death that it is no longer summer.
    Baseball season.
I don't remember ever touching your back when there were
    flowers (buttercups and dandelions there) waiting to die.
    The end of summer.
The baseball season finished. The
Bumble-bee there cruising over a few poor flowers.
They have cut the ground from under us. The touch
Of your hands on my back. The Giants
Winning 93 games
Is as impossible
In spirit
As the grass we might walk on.

For you I would build a whole new universe around myself.
    This isn't shit it is poetry. Shit
Enters into it only as an image. The shit the ghosts feasted on
    in the Odyssey. When Odysseus gave them one dry fly and
    made them come up for something important Food.
'For you I would build a whole new universe,' the ghosts all
cried, starving.

from Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian's My Vocabulary Did This to Me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer.  Go to the book to read more!

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