Wendy Kramer's "Diagrams & Examples"

It is my pleasure to share with you one of Wendy Kramer's recent comics poems. This one is Called "Diagrams & Examples" and was created for fellow artist and archivist Tanya Hollis.

Here's what Wendy says about it:
This collage is a comics poem that I made for Tanya Hollis's birthday last year. Comics poems are my attempt to make visual poems that have multiple panels, with meaning moving both within and across the panels. While I did use some actual cut-outs from comics, a comics poem doesn't have to have traditional or found comics in it. Also, a comics poem doesn't have to be a collage--it's just the medium I'm used to working in. I hope at some point to draw some comics poems too.

The jagged pencil drawings in the piece are from an exercise I did from Betty Edwards' book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The drawing of the hand is my drawing of my own hand.

Wendy Kramer is a collage artist, poet, and public librarian/archivist living in San Francisco. She owns a digital camera and image editing software but uses them rarely, because she prefers the feel of cutting and pasting with scissors and paper and paste. She also prefers writing poems with a pen in a notebook instead of on her laptop. You can see more of her work at her web site here.

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