More & Forthcoming on Disaster Suites

You can read Thom Donovan's review of Disaster Suites in The Poetry Project's December 2008/January 2009 Newsletter here:

In it Donovan writes, "Halpern allegorizes lyrical poetry’s complicity
with an entire global network of social disasters which include Katrina, and even become determined by Katrina (Rob’s book was begun immediately after the storm, and completed as the first draft of a manuscript following the death of his close friend and colleague, kari edwards; Disaster Suites’ cover also features drawings, drawn rom memory by the artist, after photographs of homes devastated by Katrina), but also encompass movements between sites, and beyond site itself towards all that is being made invisible, occulted by the fatal abstractions of capital."

Earl Jackson also tells me that he is at work on a long article on Rob's Disaster Suites and his beautiful and challenging earlier book, Rumored Places (Krupskaya). We look forward to it Earl!

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