Brrrrrrrrr--Summer in San Francisco

While some of you may be needing fans and as few clothes as possible to survive the summer heat, here in SF we are experiencing our classic summer weather: the fog rolling in over twin peaks.

You might even need a muff. And so, here's a poem.


mostly urgent escarpment
breathy water & catching, lipped
feathers fabricing soft and catchy
open hands and mouth

under, sub-, sub-marine brine brisk
triangulo you vet my tribler's virtue
help call down its wolf's-bane

fisticuffs if cunctatory could be curatorial
and under certain circs frippery a fortress
sweet, insouciant, disburdened
lashes aplenty

fashion's body is voluminous, strapped yr
eustachian tubes are pleasuring me
agile auditory & someday next
a barbed whirled might unfoundered be


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